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i just love the colours and the contrasts in this image, therefore i decided to give the colored version a try...

couldy-ish harshy sunlight

Canon 5D Mark III
50mm · f/4.0 · 1/5000s · ISO 100
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fascinating! An obese, nude, middle-aged man (in a previous story you wrote) showing his bare butt was labelled "NSFW" by you, but nude or nearly-nude women with their breasts on display or, lkike the image in this collection, "knee it", has as much butt exposed as the middle-aged, obese man and yet NONE of these ls labelled NSFW.

Same oid double-standard by male editors - naked women are awesome but naked men are not safe and an embarrasment and should be hidden. Please do enlighten me on why one nude man is labelled "NSFW" but pages and pages of nude or nearly nude women are to be celebrated, pursued, and are never NSFW on your site.

Plus ça change
Plus c'est la même chose
The more that things change
The more they stay the same