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Baron Von Hellingrath

A new twist on H.P. Lovecraft's character. The modern gent, Cthulhu.

I originally had planned something completely different for this mask, but when I saw this location it just felt like the perfect scene for this shoot. It was in the 90's but felt like low 100's along with the south Texas humidity, so I was a bit worried about the heat inside the mask being a problem. Luckily he was a trooper. I wanted to give this a really moody/epic feel, so I darkened the overall exposure and used a fog texture with a low opacity to give me that hint of atmosphere. The location is right along a busy road, so we had a small crowd and freaked a couple kids out when he put the mask on.

Canon 6D
105mm · f/2.8 · 1/640th · ISO 100
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Thanks William!