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I spend more time shooting headshots than anything else these days. I would say my style is derived of Peter Hurley, Dylan Patrick and Sue Bryce. As simple a setup as it can be, this is a single strobe (profoto b1) with a mola setti fired into a v-flat. It is a very effective setup when combined with the knowledge taken from all three sources.

Depending on what the client needs, this is one of three lighting setups I will use. Because of the catchlight, most people think its natural light coming from a window...which is exactly what this look is supposed to replicate. Working with actors/actresses and tv personalities, their agents prefer a natural light headshot (more evenly lit, soft) than one that looks artificially lit (strobe-y).

I live in Houston, where the summers are freakishly hot and humid which is no fun for anybody to shoot in. This particular setup allows me to shoot in the studio and still get the f/3.2 dof that I love. This setup is so versatile, I’ve used it for tv show promo shoots and action shots like my image of D.A. Marr.

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