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Oh Little Bird!

Hello World..

Today I'm sharing with you the making of my most recent photographs. It's so close to my heart as it is inspired by my most favorite singer of all time, Fairuz <3

Early morning, during work, I was working while plugging my headphones in. I was listening to my Fairuz playlist. And this song came Fairuz Ya tayr - فيروز يا طيّر

The lyrics says:

يا طيرّ يا طاير على اطراف الدني
لو فيك تحكي للحبايب شو بني
يا طيّر .. يا طيّر!

Which could be translated to:

Little bird, you go to the end of the earth.
If only you could sing my pain to my loved one
Oh Little bird .. Little bird!

I felt that this could be captured in a lovely photograph. Thanks God, I had a pencil and my notebook. So, I started to sketch the photo. I starred at it all the time, till it got deep in my mind.

When the weekend came I went to search for the best location that will fit the idea of the photo. I found one, and went to capture this beautiful idea during sunrise.

Finally, here is behind the scenes video of the photo with the speed up editing in photoshop. Shooting all different photos that made up the final picture took nearly an hour and a half. The post production took about 6 hours.


Hope you like it :)

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