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The City of Dreams

- Abu Dhabi, The City of Dreams -

I went to the location, Abu Dhabi Corniche, before the sunrise. I set my camera on the tripod and chose the angle that I wanted, putting in my mind where the sun is going to rise. I ended up taking 3 exposures for the scene, one for the sky, another for the rocks, and the last one for the sea.

After this I took so many photos of the balloons and my self holding them. It is a self portrait picture!

I had only 5 balloons with me, so I took so many photos of them in different spots on the rocks, and I merged them in photoshop to get the final result.

Hope you like it :)

Canon 5D Mark II
42mm · f/16.0 · 1/10s · ISO 100
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Dis is one hawt clukka. Dose balloons be floatin in da sky da way duh crust from my socks flies trou da fabrik when it sits in duh sun. I'm zinging, flinging, and binging my bunz over dis.

Very well done! On your own. The later exposures of the balloons are difficult to blend into the picture because the light changes very fast after sunrise. And a beautiful picture...

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