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I took this picture just few moments before the sunrise. The mood was filled with quietness and tranquillity.

It's a self portrait shot, which I took of myself wearing the traditional clothes of the United Arab Emirates. The mosque in the picture is considered to be the key for worship in the country. It is Sheikh Zayed Mosque the eighth largest mosque in the world.

Canon 5D Mark II
17mm · f/11.0 · 1.3s · ISO 100
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Glad you like it, Thanks bro :)

So this wasn't a composite? Wow...excellent...just excellent. The only and I mean only minor criticism is that the color temp of the flash seems a bit cooler than the rest of the light in the photo. But man that is minor...this is a great shot!! Nice work!

Hi Jason, Glad you like it :) In fact it is a composite! When I went to the mosque I took a photo with the same composition you see here in this photo, but later on, when I was editing the photo I felt that it is kind of flat. So, I went back again to the studio and took another photo of myself with flashes and replace it by compositing it just to give the photo more 3 dimensions feeling. I hope you got the idea. Thanks really for your comment and your criticism, maybe if I added an orange coloured gel to the main soft box flash, I would have made it more realistic. I will pay more attention to this next times for sure!! :)

Well it's extremely well done in any event. Since it is a composite you can always go back and adjust the color toning on that layer. Nice work!

Although , I don't understand the architecture of mosques around the world I think it's really unique and mysterious. Good shot. The sun behind the morning clouds add a beautiful soft lighting to the domes on the mosque.

Yeah! The Islamic architecture is a bit complicated, every thing has its purpose and meaning. For example, they use large domes to amplify the sound in the main prayer hall. Thanks Charles, really glad you like it :)

bad composit

LOL. Teach me sir.

the light in the background is too different by the subject. ;)

Great shot. Very intricate architecture in your country.