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Hypnotic waters.

Månafossen is a waterfall in Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland county, Norway, near Frafjord. The powerful waters fall down 92 metres into a small pool creating a breathtaking spray, splashing at everything surrounding it.

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Love the addition of human element in the composition. It beautifully demonstrates how small we are, in front of nature.

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Thank you very much! That was exactly the concept of hiking down together with someone :)

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I totally agree with Shyama, I absolutely love the person included! It is a truly spectacular view.

I have no experience with the location of Norway at all (but I sure as hell want to go as soon as I can!), but I think one possible improvement would be to have more dynamic lighting, whether that be natural, artificial, or a combination. A small flash positioned off to the left pointed at the person may have brought this from a "solid" photo to an "excellent" one. Maybe not, but just a suggestion! Congrats on a great shot!

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Norway is full of beautiful spots. Just the weather is a really big problem. I came here for the summer and if I had known that only May is a good month I would have gone everywhere by then. But since then it's just raining everyday :/
Anyway, thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. Usually I travel very lightly so I'm not taking flashs with me. But in general I'm really convinced that the lighting is really nice due to the golden sunshine on the left corner creating a nice contrasts to the blue. But sure, thanks for your preposition!

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Creative job

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Thanks you so much, Angelina!

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Very nice photo. I also love the addition of the human here to really show the magnitude of this scenery

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Thanks! I also had the feeling that my pictures became much more impactful since I've given them some scale using a human element, like people or tents. :)