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-16°C at Poland's Baltic Sea

July 3, 2016

Frozen groynes head towards the abandoned World War II leftovers of the Torpedownia, a former torpedo storage and trial station in Gdynia, Poland.

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So much thanks it's a impressive captured .

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Impressive capture! Love the photo and framing.

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No problem! Well deserved compliments! Would you mind rating and critiquing some of the photos on my profile?

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I'm flattered you ask ME for that.
Sure, I will! :)

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Thank you Matthias! I really appreciate it.

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Would my camera even operate in those conditions? Nice work.

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Thanks a lot :)
I'm pretty sure it does. I only used the 600D at this time ;)

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a wonderful capture

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What a shapes, patterns and leading the eye...!!!

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thanks a lot :) Wish you a great day!

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Great composition of an unusual subject.