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Native Micmac Dancer

We call it "Mawiomi" (MAH-wee-oh-mee). In our Micmac Native language it simply means gathering. The general term is Pow-Wow. Every August, Micmac Natives in the U.S. and Canada travel to Caribou, Maine, for a wonderful cultural celebration. It's a feast for photographer's eyes and imagination. Much of the celebration can be captured, however, there are some restrictions. Most of the dancing is done by skilled competitors. The lady in the photo is such a dancer--she hails from a tribe in Canada. It was a challenge to shoot, as there were many people, tents, and other obstacles. This pic I captured with my Nikon D7100, using an 18-105mm lens shot at 80mm (f/5.3, 1/2000sec, ISO-100). Cropped and adjusted using LR.

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