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Exotic Waffle

I think this is one of the projects i've made that gave me so much. First of all was dealing with the other "I" that lives in me, that part that is afraid of creating something that you love, that part that is lazzy and make excuses to not try things and stay in the confort zone, when i shuted that voice, i start creating this composition, so when i finished, i felt so satisfied with it, the client was more that impressed because he never expected this, i just talked about the idea so i did this, they used this piece everywhere inside its marketing, they printed it so damn big in the streets, i was so happy, and i am happy, because not only got my client impressed, i beat that voice down and trusted in my self to make something cool for my portfolio.

Here is an article i wrote for the awesome site of "Photigy.com" explaining the process i went trough this composition, gear, lighting, and postproduction, hope you find this helpful :).

By the way, the client is called "La casa del Waffle" Is a very good restaurant that is expanding fast here in México :)

"Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go"

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Love it!! Wow!

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Thank you Ingemar!