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Lucid dreaming

I felt inspired by Robert Cornelius work, so i started to experiment with this picture to see where it goes and this was the result. Here you can see and article about the work that inspired me for the scissors effect. http://www.robertcorneliusphotography.com/blog/creating-the-fate-sisters

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love it

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Thanks Man :)!

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awesome :)

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Thank you Julius :)!

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Huhuhu, simply amazing, man! (:

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Thanks my brother! :D

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great work with that, and thanks for sharing, you did it so nice!

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thank yo so much Aldo!

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Nice, just think that the speckles could have been done better, especially the ones in the bottom right. They draw me out of the pic due to how artificial they look.

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Thank you Tawts, i really appreciate your feedback :)