Dora, 2016 Berlin
I shot this with a really biggy bouncy Striplight (more a narrow softbox^^) - i like her pose and eyes.
as usual: i am open for criticism.
if you again vote 1 star: then plz just put some comments why ...

Canon 6D
85mm · f/5.6 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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It's a great image but the blacks are a little dark in the shirt which is causing her to lose some shape.

looked at it on my other monitor. I think my blacks are too dark lol.

it really depends on what display images are being viewed...
i retouch on a mac book pro and every mobile phone has more contrasts and saturation than the mac

anyway, thanks for comments!

Looking at this on a $1000 Dell wide gamut monitor and it looks fine. If you lighten the shadows the image loses its punch. I like it

I also use calibrated monitor DELL and it is ok for me )
Sometimes the clients ask to make the revision and correct colors, as the image doesn't look good on their monitors with TN matrix. So I ask them to look the image through using an iPhone :)