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mea carena

mea carena 2016 berlin
i shot this, using a profoto b1 with a big octa camera-left to enhance the model a little bit more
i dont like too dark surroundings - so power level was jsut a little above ambient light. yes, it could have come more from the top, as i see now, but the branches from nearby trees where hindering us :/

Canon 6D
85mm · f/1.8 · 1/500s · ISO 160
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Loving this! Only thing throwing me off is the right foot looks a little strange the way it's positioned.

yeah, its halfway in the water ... i exactly know what you mean ...

I just figured that out after I commented and zoomed in on it. Now that my brain made that connection it looks a lot more normal haha.

thx for the 3 stars, anyway :)