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Screw It...Let's Ride!

(Folks, it's pretty crappy to leave a low rating on a photo and not leave any feedback about what you feel is wrong with it. Not helpful at all.)

A faux-commercial edit from a photo shoot I recently did for a local competitive bodybuilder.

The day before the scheduled shoot, I dutifully checked the weather forecast and was delighted to see that it was supposed to be overcast. Perfect! I'll have total control over the lighting, right? Well, when the evening of the shoot arrived, the clouds skipped town and big 'ol Mister Sun stepped right in. The conditions were as harsh as they could be but, not wanting to let my client down, I grabbed my two biggest Speedlites and went to town.

This picture was lit with the full-blown sun at camera right, a Canon 600EX-RT at center, and a Canon 430EXiii-RT at camera left to chase away the shadows on the front of the bike and the engine.

The client ended up being very happy with the results and what was nearly a lighting disaster resulted in several nicely-lit shots. And, now that enough time has been spent processing photos...."Screw it. Let's ride!"

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