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Light-painting in NYC

Kim and I will be in NYC for the week! Follow the lights :)

Oh and we'll be at PPE this saturday :D :D


Canon 5D Mark IV
17mm · f/10.0 · 2s · ISO 800
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Absolutely breathtaking and creative! I love it!

Really creative, nicely done

Fantastic tales.....

congrats on your selection, very deserved! Love the light wrap on your subject, Kim!

hehe thanks :::)

i would love to know how you did that!

have a look at the video ;) https://vimeo.com/162908979

That is an amazing video, thank you! Is that like a kina flow in a tube?

p.s. at 1:15 in the video how come the stars are lines as if they were a time-lapse? Is it a time-lapse that then included the light performance half way through?

I meant long exposure not time-lapse

we kept the camera at the same place and took a 30 minute exposure, then blended everything :)

a simple $2 tube guard. Fully explained here: http://fb.com/groups/ericpare :D :D

thanks :::))

Thank you Eric Pare for sharing that video and thank you for sharing your techniques so the rest of us can get the enjoyment of making amazing art like this! It looks like so much fun I am going to have to try that out!