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Mannequin Zhanna Mioch
Location The Chrome Cottage Berlin
shot entirely with ambient light, a mixture of hot lamps and daylight ... the fraction of movement in the frame is what keeps me getting back to this image ...

Canon 5D Mark III
35mm · f/1.4 · 1/160s · ISO 400
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Oh, beautiful bw :)

thx Tomash!

I grew up shooting B&W film. I have a fondness for this medium. The lighting is very good. I love the grain in this shot. Thank you for sharing this image.

thats nice VERY NICE to hear, that you like the grain - so i am quite proud of it :)

Wow! Moody...sexual....atmospheric. It has it all. Thumbs up from me.

Nicely done. Great compo, lighting, and posing! Dig the grain and film feel too.

nice shot


A good BW shout with nice tones and atmoshere!