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Natalie Kuck, m4 models
Berlin 2017

we had so much luck with the snowflakes :)

Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/1.6 · 1/250s · ISO 320
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Awesome shot!

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thx :)

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Really is nice, not over processed like so many portraits we see on this site. As soon as I saw the light brown hair and cool blue tones, I immediately assumed another over-processed portrait on fstoppers. Glad I clicked to view the full-size image. Really nice.

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thaaaaaanx! but, to be fair, its a tad overprocessed though ...

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But that's kind of a look that I am guessing you were going for. Dani Diamond does this, but it seems that people who try to emulate his look go way overboard.

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I also think it is not over processed. I stil lcan see some structure in the Skin and the whole image is just good balanced between smoothness and chrispyness. I really like the composition with the snow flakes and the warm light on her face. Chapeau man!

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great image and tones!

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Geiles Ding! Einfach nur wow!

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Haha, Danke Matthias :-D

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This is so damn good! Everything is on point, the mood, the style, the weather

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thank you very very much!

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Really nice portrait
I love the feel of winter from this picture!

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great shot