A New Day by David Wilder
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A New Day

January 1, 2017

You never really know what is going to happen when you wake up. I got up early to drive to Vermilion Lakes, on the drive out I found a destroyed car in the ditch with a man inside unconscious. I managed to get him out of the car and with the first responders, and still managed to make sunrise. Everyday is a second chance at life, make the most of it.

48mm · f/8 · 236 seconds · ISO 50
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Brendon Fidek's picture

Hey man, nice shot/portfolio. Just wondering if you use neutral density filters or a type of HDR in your work? Love your shots of the Rockies :D

David Wilder's picture

Thank you so much for the kind words!! Depending on the image there might be a touch of HDR, on here just two images are HDR. I try to do it as subtle as I can but still impactful. Every shot (except night shots) I use ND grad filters to darken the sky to match the foreground or at least bring them more into balance. I also shoot more for the highlights, you can bring more info back from the darks without image loss then you can with highlights.

Brendon Fidek's picture

Awesome! Thanks man!

troy williams's picture

fantastic image. love your work. very inspiring.

David Wilder's picture

thank you for the kind words!!