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Summers Resistance

As winters cold crept in Vermilion Lakes fought off the ice with lingering signs of summer. The battle of season creates beautiful shapes.

NiKON D800
17mm · f/8 · 20 Seconds · ISO 100
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Martin Good's picture

Insanely beautiful. These are the kinds of photos that make me want to take more photos and get better.

David Wilder's picture

Thank you! Best comment ever. I am glad it has brought inspiration to you. Keep it up!

Abdullah Albalushi's picture

all elements of a great landscape photo are there; subject, location, time, composition, and moment ... but there is more , its tour touch .. its a great photo .. thank you for sharing it ..

David Wilder's picture

thank you for the kind words!!! It can be a challenge to get everything that you listed in one shot, its rare for everything to line up just right.

Dietmar Kahles's picture

Beautiful work, the composition is excellent!