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Gateway 1

Gateway is a small park in the Poudre Canyon of Colorado. This is one of those shots that you just happen to get. Although I was setting the shot up, the wind started to come up down stream and I noticed the wind shaking the snow loose. Just moments after this shot took place, the wind picked up hard enough that there was a total white out; with me in the middle of it. As soon as the snow cleared, as beautiful as it was, I waited a bit longer to see if the wind would pick back up again. It never did, and with the temperature hovering at 4 degrees, my body decided to move on.
The exciting part for me is when shooting with film, you get to wait to see what you get on a shot like this. I wasn't going to be able to reproduce it if it was there or not. When I got the images returned, there it was; an almost perfect image.
Shooting with film is like having Christmas on every roll..... You ask for what you want, but don't know if you will get it until you get to see the gift.

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