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I trust you

Originally there was a random kid sitting on the back side of this quarter, this is a pretty common place for people who don't know what happens at the skatepark to sit so Chris Morell had gotten used to airing over people and scaring the shit out of them.
Usually people dive out of the way thinking they are about to get landed on, but I've always wondered what would happen if the person didn't move.
I tried to convince the scooter kid to sit there for another picture but he was still a bit traumatized from the last air. Next thing I know Nate comes walking over and says "I'll sit there, that would be cool."
It took a few tries from Chris and Nate to get comfortable with each other and fully trust that nobody was going to get hurt and one extra try because Chris aired so high he went out of the picture. We nailed the shot and both guys where stoked on how it turned out...But I wasn't that excited. It was already getting dark when we shot it so I had bumped the ISO so high the sky was completely white and without the nice sunshine the photo looked really flat and boring. I am pretty good at faking the light using Lightroom but this still looked boring to me. So I pulled up my sunset folder, found a sky that looked right and dropped it in using photoshop. After a bit of stretching and toning down the colours it looked pretty good to me and I was really blown away how a bit of colour in the sky turned this photo from "Hey, remember that day" to "Dam, that is a cool shot"

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