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Nissan 350z

After taking a few shots under the bridge, Brandon asked if I wanted to try another shot where the road crosses 3 sets of tracks. At first I thought he wanted to park the car right on the tracks, which are not heavily used but still get run 3-4 times a day. So we walked over and looked at the spot, I really liked the way the tracks lead back to the train station with it's orange glow popping off the dark blue sky. When he parked the car between 2 sets of tracks I was relieved to not have to watch for trains but I did have to move my tripod and on rocky ground like this it was a challenge to get it set up quickly. I managed to grab the shots I needed very fast as I watched another car turn down the road. As soon as I got the last shot Brandon ran to the car to move it, but the other driver just pulled a bit onto the shoulder and around us. He even asked if we needed help because I guess he didn't see me taking the photo, just the car parked between 3 sets of train tracks.
Thanks random person for being cool, this had to be top 5 best shots I've ever taken and by far my favorite car shot.

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