Trying new things at the studio with this new series of "Famous Cars"... New lighting techniques, mixing studio flashes with light painting in one shot and combining several shots. Applying fog at the studio in new ways and getting to know the amazing capabilities of my new lens 24mm TS.
who are you going to call?

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Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Felix, I knew this was your shot before I even saw your name man. I literally saw the thumbnail pop up on the home page and thought to myself, "that's gotta be Felix." Nicely done!

Felix Hernandez's picture

Haha! Thanks Brian!... good to know someone recognize my "style"... Ha!... Hugs mate!

Fred Glasser's picture

Nice job! This is super cool...

Felix Hernandez's picture

THank you Fred!

Jonathan Klempa's picture

I know who I am gonna call for a ghostbusters picture!

Felix Hernandez's picture

Ha!... Thanks Jonathan!

Jeena Paradies's picture

It almost looks computer generated.

Felix Hernandez's picture

almost!!!... thanks Jeena!

Paolo Tangari's picture

Dude, i really love your work :)

Felix Hernandez's picture

Thanks Paolo!

Roy Patton's picture

dig, dig dig ...... what scale is the Ecto-1 ?

Felix Hernandez's picture

Hi Roy... 1 / 18 scale!

William Twitty's picture

Love the lighting! There is so much atmosphere in this photo. Really great job!

Felix Hernandez's picture

Thanks Will!

Phuket Photographer's picture

Dope! How did you turn the headlights on?

Felix Hernandez's picture

Hi Phuket... I did them with the technique... light painting... using a simple led flashlight!

q az's picture

Top flight! This is what we all aspire to do.