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Waiting for a shot

I was visiting New York City for the first time and bought a Fujifilm X100T to add a challenge of a 35mm camera. I had nevger done any street photography before, so taking pictures of strangers was a little awkward for me at first.

I visited B&H photo and as I leave, I see this man with and amazing camera, dressed as if he was going to something formal. I walk up to him (picking up all of my courage) and simply ask, '' Pardon me sir...may I take a picture of you?'' A simple nod was the answer, quick adjustments on my X100T, CLICK CLICK, a thank you, another nod and off I was to explore NYC.

I keep wondering...who is this man? Where was he going? Someday maybe I will find out :)

Exported with monochrome film emulation in Camera.

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He's a pretty well known dude who hangs out at BH almost every day.

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Beautiful, excellent image, nicely done,