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Hurricane Sower

Hurricane Sower was taken on location at Isla Mujeres, Mexico during the incoming hurricane “Irene”. Curiously the name of the woman in the portrait was Irene too.
The idea of making this images was planed years before the photo was taken; Looking for the best location, building the the ladder, finding the model and of course waiting for the perfect hurricane. Finally in August 21th of 2011 all was set to do the shot.

We traveled to the location one day before navigation was closed in all ports. Taking the photo was hard. We struggled with the weather conditions. The winds and water kept hitting the lens of the camera making hard to focus and to achieve a clear shot. We had to put some weight to the ladder, besides the weight of the model,to get it still and preventing for falling. Two assistants on both sides with speedlites to fill the shadows and that was it… Years dreaming to do this shot and in less than 30 minutes we set up everything, took the shot and went back home.

No composite, no manipulation, just one idea, the perfect moment and one shot.
Re-edit 2017 ®Hernandez Dreamphography

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