Wrap skin by Kate Ignatenko
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Wrap skin

July 5, 2014
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John Sheehan's picture

Very bizarre, you can see it's a living person but at the same time the shiny plastic skin makes her look like a non-living statue. Well done.

Kate Ignatenko's picture

That was an idea) Thanks, John.

rejeanbrandt's picture

Great job!

Kate Ignatenko's picture

Thanks, Rejean)

Lee Morris's picture

How was this done?

Kate Ignatenko's picture

Lee, thanks for your interest in my work) Here is tutorial available for purchase http://kateignatenko.com/blog/plastic-wrap-effect-tutorial/

Darren Nana's picture

Hi Kate, very impressive image but the link doesn't seem to work?

Felix Inden's picture

Very interesting processing- kind of intriguing look. Nice!