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Desert beauty

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Really nice shot Kate, well done!

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Love it. It's very dream like. Nice job.

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Thanks, John

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What a gorgeous scene you created!

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Thanks. I'm appreciate your comment)

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Really cool concept! Loving the colors!

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Love the toning :)

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Quite magical. Nice work.

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Would really enjoy a BTS write up on this shot. Have you posted anything like that? It's just beautiful.

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Thanks) I have a couple of tutorials, which you`ll find on my blog page (http://kateignatenko.com/blog/), but not about this shoot or composites. Maybe I`ll write something like this in future)

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Very cool. Besides just being a great shot, I'm specifically interested in the dreamy desert look. I live in the desert (Dubai) and often shoot portraits on the dunes. I'd love to try recreating this look in some of my shots. Please let us know here if you find time to do a post on this one.

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You are lucky to live in Dubai)
Actually it`s not one shot. It`s photo manipulation. Girl was shot in studio and then placed on desert background) Other effects was added in post-production as well)

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amazing !!

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Dope shot

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Nice feel in this one- i like the colour scheme :)

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Great image