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Look Up

Sometimes you just got to look up to see the beauty of things in a different perspective. One of the must-shoot spots when visiting Hong Kong.

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Interesting color variations. Just curious, were there other photographers there and did anyone with management give you trouble? We shot here 3 years ago and it seemed like they were sick of photographers coming into this relatively poor housing area but who knows, maybe things have changed now?

thank you Patrick :) We arrived here around 5am thats why if you would notice almost all the unit lights are out. Its just me and my brother shooting at that time with some early risers (mostly the elders) doing some morning stretch in the compound. Nobody bothered us the whole time we were there.

Shot this at various angles a few months ago.....nice job in post.....I need to add 'some punch' to mine. Also had no issues with management or tenets.....shoot around late morning.

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