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The Sleeping Dragon

Our 6-day trip in Indonesia has brought us to some of the most amazing photographic spots that I have been to. But the one that stands out bar-none is the mighty Ijen volcano! The grueling hike up to its crater is nothing compared to the reward that this place gave me when I set foot on its summit as I stand there in awe letting the majestic sight around me sink in. Truly one of my favorite photographic spots to date.

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That really is a beautiful shot.

Thank you Jordan 😊

That is stunning!

Thank you mate 😊

I have been in this location, it is the edge of Mt. Ijen crater. This is a fascinating place, I have tried similar shots here just at sunrise (nearly all tours go there for sunrise), I must say this one is really a brilliant shot! and those trees are fighting to stay there as you say (they are dried and stunted, I can only presume there has been increased volcanic activity in recent years that has killed them).

great shot

Beautiful shot! I've definitely seen this conposition before but I like your take on it. Very light and airy.