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Small Car, Big Jump

Had fun doing this shot! This stay at home precautions has got my creative juices flowing again! I have to shoot something to keep my sanity. My collection of 1:20 scale car model kits and dioramas gave me some ideas!

Made up of 4 shots, 3 for the car focus stack and 1 for the sunset :)

Nikon Z7 + Nikkor S 24-70 + NiSi V5 with CPL + Benro Tripod

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I was not sure it's game render or real photo. Was wrong in both assumptions ;).

haha! I can say its a real photo... real photo of a scale diorama shot with a real sunset as background :)

Hah great effort on this one! My only critique is remove the harsh brightness on the hood and work in a lil harsher brightness on the fenders. Possibly mask in some headlamp detail from a real shot of an evo 5 (or 6?).

But wow, really creative shot here

makes sense i see what you mean :) thank you mate glad you like it!