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Kiteboarding Test Shoot

Testing out the new Profoto B1 battery heads. This was shot with 2 500W heads about 50 feet away from me on shore (camera in under water housing). Equivalent to about 8 speedlights at full power :)

14mm · f/7.1 · 1/200s · ISO 1250
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That face though :)

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epic shot, love that it lit the kite too

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Amazing ...How the flashes has been positioned ?

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For this shot I was testing the range of the Profoto B1s. I had 4 of them on light stands on shore blasting full power into the ocean with just reflector dishes. They were about 100 feet away so the spread of light was pretty good as you can see the kite and the rider are both lit which is pretty rare in this sport. The tricky part was even with 4 B1s (which is 2 stops more than a single B1), I still had to shoot at sunset with only a 20 min window of acceptable exposure. Basically it was very very tough

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Hey Patrick (do people call you Pat?) Oh my days buddy! Whatta shot! Even before reading your reply I knew it was profoto lighting. I dunno why. I'm not a profoto nut (well, I would be if their stuff wasn't a bazillion dollars) but something just screams Profoto. Lighting aside, you nailed it sukkah! I would hire you just on the basis of this shot...if I wasn't awesome myself that is 😇. Nice work man. Really epic.

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Looks like Lee :D Well done

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Nice, the B1's are great aren't they.