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Best Kiteboarding Hero

Near disastrous moment that yielded a killer photo. Shoot wide and hope they don't hit you!

14mm · f/13.0 · 1/1600s · ISO 1250
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Joe Pelosi's picture

Great shot!

Patrick Hall's picture

Thanks Joe, it was pretty scary getting so close to these kiters!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Killer shot indeed man, I'd send this to the board manufacturer and see if they want to buy it!

Patrick Hall's picture

I'd love to talk with Best about something even bigger. The kite community in Charleston is one of the biggest in the US.

Dylan Patrick's picture

definitely should man!

Stevie Chris's picture

Really love this shot. I really need to visit Charleston again, I remember it being gorgeous

Patrick Burger's picture

Very dramatic, love it! Love his expression too!

Russell Bradley's picture

Amazing! the epitome of "nothing ventured nothing gained!" :)