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Tatiania Eriksen

Getting back to shooting some fashion, forgot how much I love simple lighting setups

70mm · f/5.6 · 1/200s · ISO 50
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Love this Patrick! Great pose and I love her outfit too - gels really nicely with her beautiful skin.

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Thanks Michael. It can get really easy to start over lighting things especially in the studio. I wanted to go for a more classic and timeless image like you might see from the 60s and 70s. What I've often found with multi light setups is you can easily start tinkering with the lights instead of watching what the model is actually doing. Having 1 light like this makes it easy to stop looking at the light and focus much more attentively to the actions of the model which I think is super important.

Michael Foyle's picture

Hi Patrick - Yeah I agree. I love the depth in the shadow under her chin and the way her left eye is hidden by the shadow under her hair. What light modifier did you use?

Patrick Hall's picture

This was taken with a Profoto D1 1000w and a Profoto 3x4 softbox up high to the left.

Michael Foyle's picture

Awesome - I'd love a couple of D1s!

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Placing all of your attention, energy and focus on the subject is so important. Wish that I was at that point, but I am trying.

robert bates's picture

Cracking pose, lovely model, Love it..

Dylan Patrick's picture

awesome work!

Anonymous's picture

Love what she is wearing. Simple, yet elegant.

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Awesome simple shot, nice pose and cool wardrobe on the model!

Anonymous's picture

Outstanding work!

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Hi Patrick, Excellent shot, Its begging for a close up version of the same pose. Or is that just me ;)

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha, I'm sure you would like some of the outtakes!

David Matthews's picture

I love the color tone of this one!

Anonymous's picture

awesome shot !!