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Tidings from Above

Hunting to see Aurora Borealis deep in Tombstone park of Yukon has become a dream that I keep going back to. To say that going to the Ogilvie mountains always excites me is an understatement. the first time I experienced the lights up there, it changed me. It truly is a life changing experience. When they are visible, they are very impressive as they dance right above your head. North, East, South & West... It's marvelous. It's wild and weird. There could be weeks without them and then BAM, they hit you in the face for a week straight as they flame overhead. There's no long term forecast for them, it's a secret! A secret that you find and feels like glory.

This pristine landscape is beyond the tree line and it's well protected so no fires are allowed. Mind you, there's no wood to find to make a fire anyways! Backpacking food is the only thing you've got but who says you can't make gourmet backpacking food? ;) Best time to see the lights up here is end of August, all the way through winter. the sky is way too bright at night during warmer months for Northern Light viewings.

I think that one should plan to see the Aurora at least once in their lives. Words cannot explain. For a chance to shoot the Aurora with me in the Yukon, visit the "Photo Tours" section on my website!

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