Hands up if you love thunderstorms... you are my kind of people! While doing a day trip up the Icefields we decided to stop at Bow Lake just as a thunderstorm was rolling in. Now, there's thunder and then there's thunder while surrounded by mountains... talk about turning it up to 11! The intense cracking as lightning hit the rock coupled by the soul shaking rumble was something any storm lover would melt over

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rodney simba masarirambi's picture

My goodness that is /$:);)3):): spectacular! Wow! What was the rig setup?

Crystal Provencher's picture

Thank you so much Rodney! Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed this notification. Its an exposure blend using my Canon 7D and 10-22mm

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

No worries. Thabk you for the inspiration!

Garry Pollard's picture

Very atmospheric

Crystal Provencher's picture

Thank you Garry. I apologize for the late response.

Don Marlow's picture

Terrific work I love the colors and detail you are producing congrats

Crystal Provencher's picture

Thank you so much Don. I'm starting to find my style 😊