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Bear Creek Falls

There's a reason they say 'spreads like wildfire' and I found out just how true that statement is.

After keeping a close eye on the wildfire reports, we decided to head into Glacier National Park in British Columbia to check out Bear Creek Falls. This area had shown no signs of danger and was still open to the public. When we got there, the air was clear and crisp so we hiked down the short but steep path to the falls.

Now, if you've ever been beside a waterfall, you know you can't hear much over the rushing water, but when I heard the loud tone of a siren and saw a rescue chopper fly directly over me, I knew something was very wrong. As I turned to around to our path out, I could barely see across the river. The smoke had filled the whole area and it was thick. We grabbed our gear and hiked like we've never hiked before. Thankfully we made it to safety. We found out later in the day that a wildfire had sparked up less than 2km from our location. Wildfires are no joke and we are very lucky to have made it to safety.

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