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This image was clicked on the evening of 22nd July 2017, with a Sony A6000 camera. I used a macro filter/ring on Nikon 35-70 lens(which has 1:4 macro), adapted on to the camera using an inexpensive adapter, at Kochi, Kerala, India. Fired flash, which was diffused by a diy diffuser made out of a cardboard box. SS – 1/125, ISO – 100 and an aperture of around 8.
Orb weavers or Neoscona sp. of spiders are one of the most beautiful spiders, which builds huge webs and sit at the centre, waiting for any prey to fall in their webs. They have amazing colours on them - ranging from pale orange to bright red. From what I have seen in the last year, they are very common and build webs in all places - including tables and stools in hotels/tea stalls. Once a prey falls into their web, it is only a matter of seconds before this beast gets to it and starts wrapping it in their powerful web. I had once seen a grass hopper hop into the web accidentally and this spider rushed to the spot, wrapped up the struggling prey in less than one and a half minute. They are mostly nocturnal and start weaving their webs during/after sunset. If disturbed, they recoil and go to a defensive position by protecting its body with its legs, folded.
This particular one was found on a late evening, and was munching on food which it had already caught. I went lower than the spider to get a front view, while lighting it up from its top. Thanks to the tilt-screen lcd screen on my camera that I could do this handheld.

f/1.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Great picture

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