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[ … midsummer ]

October 10, 2017

waterfall Seljalandsfoss - Iceland

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Absolutely beautiful image. I'm guessing it's a composite from the edge of the cave roof to sky, not that I think it detracts from the impact.

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@ John ... no this is just one single shot! Taken with my Nikon D810 and a 12 mm fisheye ;-) Cheers from Iceland

holy shit ! I was in Iceland for one month (across may-june) two years ago … and over all those days, I can literally count on one hand’s fingers the times where we had a good sunrise or sunset. Usually at those times, a heavy cloud curtain would set itself in front of the sun and just stay there. That was literally my most frustrating landscape photography experience lighting wise. Cause really it is a great country for landscapes (but not food :P ). Great shot! Mine was just … gray.

Lol if it was that simple to tame Icelandic weather :D
Your pics look great btw.

I'm very impressed that it is a single shot, I also thought it was composed of multiple exposures. Looks fantastic.

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yes ... just the great dynamic range from the Nikon D810

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That looks more like sharpening ringing artifacts than a comp line.

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Your work is excellent.

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I once attempted to achieve the same composition. Unfortunately, it was soaking wet, making the desired shot impossible to get.

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I was also completely wet for this shot 😉

it is fabulous. did you use auto bracketing? thanks stuart

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... no that’s just one single shot

Outstanding, a tough lighting situation shot perfectly. Love the backlit waterfall. I suppose a flash or two was used for the nicely lit foreground.

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Incredible compostion, Raymond!

Absolutely beautiful! my wife and I were in Iceland November of 2016. All we saw were gray days. Lore to come join you someday. Glad you have shared these photos with everyone.

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thank you Bryan ... Cheers from Iceland ;-)