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Staircase To The Sublime

The Left Fork Of North Creek, popularly known as The Subway in Zion NP, is one of the most magical places I have ever visited.

After seeing a number of images from this incredible sandstone canyon, I knew I had to journey there to see it in person. I cannot begin to tell you how many feelings pulsed through me as I rounded the last corner of this fairly strenuous hike and saw the jaw-dropping entrance to this location that had captured my imagination for months.

It was so incredible to finally be standing in such a surreal spot that I had fantasized about seeing for quite some time. I had the entire place to myself for a couple of hours too! This image is a sample of the sites to behold on the way into the Subway.

This waterfall is actually part of the “trail” to the Subway, and is the start of some of the best scenery in the lower “bottom up” route.

I call it “Staircase To The Sublime” for good reason.

That first trip here will always be a memory I will hold dear to me and has literally changed my life in many ways. I have since taken up canyoneering, and have visited many other slot canyons and similar locations, and some of these places are very close to my home, something I was previously unaware of until I began looking into the Left Fork Of North Creek. Truly a life changing experience for me.

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