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A complimentary colour day

Orange and blue we love you...

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I've always wondered: in terms of depth of field, is this type of pictures manipulated in post, or is that what you get naturally from the lens?

It's a result of using a 200mm prime lens at f2, the separation is insanely good. Thank you for asking :-)

Thanks for replying. I guess the reason that there are so many tutorials on how to get this effect in post is because that particular lens is really expensive for most budgets.

That is true I does put a different spin on things. This is the Nikon 200mm f2 ais, a manual focus lens :- ) It isnt that expensive and clocks in at a similar price as a 70-200mm

Wow, did you manipulate the background colors? Wonderful result.

It's a result of the awesome autumn colours here :-) Thank you for the lovely comment

nice. ok...where is the assistant that threw the leaves in the air? lol


This one is impressive! Were those falling leaves added in post?


excellent, we both love this picture the colors make everything POP, just wonderful