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Dewy Gorse

I've been mulling over this image for weeks, knowing that there was something to it; that it could be better than what I was seeing. Then inspiration struck at 1am some day last week. I had just sat down to check my emails before I went to bed, at around 11pm. I was in my underpants and I had turned off the heating long ago, but I became completely absorbed with editing this photo after I had a sudden bolt of inspiration. When I had finished and exported the image, sharpened and ready for Instagram the following day, I realized how cold I was. I jumped into bed and curled up like I had re-entered the womb. I slept like a baby that night. Creative obsession can be a wonderful pill. The image I've just created in my head of reverse birth is, however....nightmare fuel. I may have to start working on another image.

Two images focus stacked,

Canon 750d
18mm · f/11 · 1/25 · ISO 100
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