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UV light can be used to reveal freckles and blemishes, which may be hidden now, but will come out as we age ;)

model: Agata Fedenczak

Classic clamshell setup, but with (near) UV light source, exposed in Mamiya RB67 on Kodak TMax 400 and stand developed in Rodinal.

Mamiya RB67
Mamiya RB67
f/3.8 · ISO 400
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Very raw and honest. I am sure all of us are dying to retouch the crap out of it :) ) I guess If I was going to keep this au naturale as you have done I would have probably been tempted to lighten her eyes a tad. ie her nose tip is the lightest area - very striking image - I wouldn't comment at all if it didn't strike me as something that I wish I had taken :)

Wel done

Congrats, Konrad! :)

Definitely has impact!