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I´m daughter of the farmer. I have worked all my summers in my grandfather´s and after the change of generation my father´s farm; cows, fields, tractors. To me working at farm teached sense of responsibility, helpfulness and reverenced of Finnish agriculture. Grandfather was great person to me and I want to honor his memory with this series.

At the beginning of 20th century most of got their living from farms. After three wars Finland was in need of bread. At those time, the Farmer was the savior. Fields were cleared with mattocks and hard work.

Year ago, I decided to make a tribute to all those hard-working-men; thanks to them we can eat fresh and healthy food. Once my friend Markus introduced me the beautiful reclaimed Massey Ferguson 35, known as Golden-tummy-Fergu, I knew what kind of set of photos I wanted to make.

All photos are made with multiple exposures combined in Adobe Photoshop.

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Beautiful photo! Great way to honor your Grandfather! This honor will last for generations. Well done!

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Great one, really well done !

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Just gotta say...now THAT'S a portrait! Incredibly well done!

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I like the key light and the rim light , nice ambience

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