Cold days warm lights by Rory Coomey
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Cold days warm lights

January 9, 2018

Here another cold day in that old December way.

Here again it's speaking,screams so soft the tress are whispering.

Just breathe.

Snow is falling, floating like ghosts of stories once lived.

There is no use ignoring the truth, winter has come like a wave crashing into the shore.

Awake your soul, warm your hands and enjoy what's before you and breathe.

Like fallen stars the city lights guide your way and show your more.....

COPYRIGHT: if you are one of those people how takes, uses and doesn't pay or respect photographers and is basically an all round horrible person breaking copyright, well you should realise you have a boring, sad excuse of a life!

How do I know this, simple really, if you are busy downloading and stealing photos then you are not living, you are definitely not exploring, and you are without doubt not I'm the middle of a forest or up a mountain living life... I am sorry but you are just a sad sad person.

But you can change that by paying photographers for their photos and go out and explore and even take some of your own photos.:)

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