Light my way. by Rory Coomey
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Light my way.

January 10, 2018

Show me the direction I am meant to go, what I am meant to do and who I am to be.

Guide me though the darkest times, when I am lost and and hiding from life.

With open eyes I look to you, as you clear the way to be my morning bright, with heavy eyes you hold out your had and guide me softly as my night-light.

You always show me the way, while you burn so bright. You are everywhere I go, when I turn you know.

You are my north, my south, the soil beneath, the air I breathe and the oceans breeze.
You are the whispering trees, the rushing clouds, the water droplets that bring life from ground.

Where I stand right now,
I hold out my hand for you to reach,
You are me, I am you, humans and nature we are but one, please guide me through our Pacific North West.


230AM and nature still "rocks" with a fullmoon overhead I snapped this photo, generally the moon is never good for photographing at night as it prevents you from seeing the stars clearly, BUT.... always remember, everytime is a good time for a photo, you just have to find the right shot for you and for me 230am on the 1st of Jan near Whistler this was one of the right shots for me.

What did you guys photograph, tag me or let me know. :)

COPYRIGHT: Nature knows If you steal this photo and it will make a little rain cloud over your head and it will rain forever or until you compensate the photographer

180mm · f/8.0 · 20s · ISO 800
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