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Meg from our studio shoot competition

This is my quick and dirty image from our first studio shoot competition. Once I got this photo into photoshop I thought it looked kind of like an image for the back of a record or a movie poster type portrait so I went a little crazy with the color toning. I love it but maybe you guys feel differently?

Apple iPhone 7
3.99mm · f/1.8 · 1/30s · ISO 32
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Great shot from a phone Patrick

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Almost makes me want to sell all my gear and just do exotic cell phone pictures... I did say "Almost"

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Very nicely done with the iPhone! It reminds me of a painting you'd find hanging on the wall in one of those really old houses from like the 15th century. "She's my great, great, great grandmother..."

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Given that this is a phone shot, it looks really well made to me. On the other hand, the warm coloration creates a party/concert feel that doesn't quite appeal to me.

Walter Glogowski's picture

great shot-- you WON!

Robert Proctor's picture

Hi, just thought I would share a small critique. The red overlay is nice, but it's a bit too much. I'd bring it down some, your subject is getting washed out and the smoke is almost entirely washed out. Not saying you don't want some of that, just that you don't want soo much. At the very least I would just add some form of contrast to draw her out more. Overall it's an amazing shot, but there is just something about her pose in this picture that bothers me, though it's just a matter of taste at this point.

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Beautiful concept, but eyes aren’t grabbing me