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Golden Moto

January 19, 2018

with a long dry season in San Diego, it makes for awesome dust trails while shooting motorcyles. I went out this day with no intention on getting any special photos and I ended up shooting some of my favorite action photos to date.

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Wayne Denny's picture

I first saw this on IG, but had to comment here. This is phenomenal. I love how the dust cloud appears in the shadows on the left, leading the eye to the motorcycle. Great work. I'd love to see the EXIF on this!

Douglas Turney's picture

Nice. I like that it isn't the normal motocross photo and some artistic aspect was applied.

Luca Cometti's picture

Thanks man! I shoot a lot of mountain bikes, which allows you to be a bit more artistic in general so that's sort of how my mind works when I go out to shoot moto

Travis Bateman's picture

Incredible shot, we need some rain down here man!