Luca Cometti's picture

Golden Hour Trains

April 24, 2020

Kyle and Straits catching some last-minute light overlooking east county San Diego.

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Ståle Brenden's picture

Stunning capture! Great work, Luca :) Something for Pinkbike's "Picture of the day/month/year".

Mauro Scattolini's picture

Aye, freaking epic shot! Love it

David Martin Castan's picture

Nice shot mate

Balazs Szarka's picture

Dope vibes, for me a bit too contrasty & punchy but it works.

Matthias Dengler's picture

That is amazing! Nice exposure and perfect framing! Wow!

Greg Rosenke's picture

Excellent shot. The depth and vibe is really good.

dipta dasgupta's picture

wonderful shot.

David Cook's picture

If the guy back flipping was not added in post. That is awesome timing there.

Luca Cometti's picture

Cheers! it was not added in post, we were able to nail the timing second try and this was what I got in one frame.

Jayprakash Shet's picture

Great timing !

Mike Martin's picture

It's a full FIVE from me