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Field flip

I remember being on the verge of cancelling this shoot, the weather was sketchy and I didn't fancy driving for 6 hours (from/to London) just to find that the conditions were too crappy to get anything done, but I knew that Damion Lee Devlin would have something up his sleeve whatever happened. Turned out, the conditions were proper grim. Div sent it anyway, slamming hard after a few dialled runs, I genuinely thought that we had walked away with nothing and I felt really guilty about Divs slam, who'd have thought that this disastrous shoot would result in one of the images being a contender for PB's Photo of the year 2016!?

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I'm nearly two years late to the show, but so glad you've got this shot in your portfolio. Wow!

I'm not a professional... but it's motivational to know you guys struggle with weather issues and still choose to try for the shot. I think sometimes I wimp out... then, I buck up and see my first frozen waterfall.

Absolutely stunningly conceived image. I hope the rider has recovered by now. :)