Backpacker by Martin Zielinski
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February 7, 2018

As a teen I was obsessed with flatland BMX, as an adult I always get exited when I see anything related to flatland. In recent years one incredible rider kept popping up on my random searches, Jason Forde. so I decided to contact him to see whether he'd be in the mood to collaborate. Turned out to be one of my fav shoots of all time, sometimes you get to work with someone who "just gets it" and Jason was certainly one of those people.

shot low with a 16mm, using 2x B1X's, one armed with a Magnum the other with a silver XL brolly.

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Hey man, my name is Tom Beckman.
I wanted to invite you to join the "extreme sports" group I've started. Your photos looks awesome and I think definitely think you would be a great fit!

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Brilliant on so many levels. The composition, the lighting, crisp focus... oh, and this was all happening real time.

How did bike and camera not collide?

Thanks for sharing this... I never get tired of the creative mind. :)